Time to chill

We all need time to chill out and relax but our lives are now so hectic we struggle to prioritise this kid nd of quality time. We’re used to putting our laptops and computers to ‘sleep’ so why not give ourselves the same consideration? Once you’re away on holiday in that 2 week precious bubble you quite literally take time to smell the flowers and appreciate what you’ve got. If possible it’s slways good to have at least 10 mins of time to yourself every day without any kind of electronic device. It’s equally as important to try to spend some time with Nature every week too. Even if it’s just to marvel at some wild flowers that have managed to penetrate the concrete at the side of the road. I find Nature to be very grounding.

One of my fondest memories is at age 18 at university lying in a field with some newly made friends just staring up at the stars. So rare that we take the time to do this once we’re ‘grown up’.