Even though I’m not a big fan of Winter, (love Christmas mind you), I love the Autumn season. I think it dates back to being the time of year when I started university and then the beginning of each new uni year but the feel of kicking through ankle deep coloured leaves often still feels like a small win.  Autumn feels like the start of something new, even though the leaves are coming to the end of their lives they go out with such vivid colours I can’t help but feel cheery.

Autumn wardrobes can be an excuse to break out some great colours too – I love rich wine colours, jade greens and teals and mustard yellows.  I think it’s important not to get too hung up on black being a safe colour, it’s not always flattering and I made a concerted effort one year to avoid buying anything new in black. It’s amazing the difference it makes to your wardrobe but also to how you feel.

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